Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” Retro – December Release

Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” Retro – December Release


Air Jordan 11 Columbia December Release

After informing you all that the “Pantone” Air Jordan XIs were indeed releasing sometime this year, it looks like we have yet another high profile release to confirm for all of you sneakerheads today. With all the rumors surrounding the “Columbia” Air Jordan XI, the coveted colorway will indeed be dropping this December. Thanks to Oregonsole, yet again, all of you sneakerheads can go ahead and start plotting on these now because things are sure to get crazy towards the end of the year. Will these be a definite cop? Peep oregonsole’s instagram post below and be sure to keep your browsers locked to SneakerFiles for more info.

  • Silvestre BM

    Man, these are gonna be HYPED up to the MAXIMUM! SMFH.

  • Dez Jones

    Remo Crosby december

  • Steve PeeWee Morris

    Jeremy Lamm

  • Ciroc SwaggChamp Loso

    Getting those

  • Eddie Redice

    I had em in 96 Im good I dont buy nothing twice: something for the young bucks to eat up

  • Triple D-Boy Knox

    JoJo Contreras

  • Felipe Arevalo

    Marco Antonio Arevalo

  • Rudy Arellano

    Eduardo Barron Dude you were right !

  • Christofer J. Matéchen

    Just sold my 2001s. Guess I gotta cop these.

  • Jamie Leigh Gruszie

    Elfer John Santiago

  • Michel Cubs

    Jim Kennex

  • J Manny Man

    Tara yes!

  • Tracy L Ricketts


  • Antonio Venegas

    Juan Romero

  • Aaron Samarita

    must COP

  • Marie Garza

    I need these!!!!!!

  • Christofer J. Matéchen

    Anthony Gates

  • Kerry Fuqua

    Roland Worrell

  • Anthony Gates

    Columbia ftw !!!!!! Christofer J. Matéchen

  • Christofer J. Matéchen


  • Sierra Rose


  • Anthony Gates

    Skyler Hoyle Wolfman French Teddy Sovich John Lazzaro

  • Oscar Macario Gomez

    German Sada!!

  • Hillary LadyAp Banks

    I can see the chaos now smh

  • Lamont Mcdaniels

    Copping my mom I want Yournervergonnagetit Kiss

  • German Sada


  • Roberto Carvajal

    Miranda Jaimes

  • Eric De La Rosa

    Lito Sanchez

  • Lito Sanchez

    I like it a lot.

  • Bamavellie Backin Savageshit


  • AB’s Story

    Christopher Angel a must!!

  • Neto Zamor

    Bobby Delgado

  • Ronald Burgess

    Sounds like a Christmas present

  • Bobby Delgado

    Lizz Fuentes they come out December soo guess what I want for Christmas lol

  • Lizz Fuentes

    Dam babe those are fckn nice!! 😉 I jus might get me a matchin pair… don’t worry,, I got u Bobby Delgado

  • Oscar Sorto

    Laura Sortomejor estos mami

  • Laura Sorto

    Esos estan chingones amors

  • Juan Ruiz

    Why buy these. Gonna spend $150 then theY yellow.

  • Chernell Gaskins

    Oscar Tong Cherell Gaskins

  • Brian Jones

    Jamel Murphy

  • James T. BuShard

    Semi Angel

  • Beavis Turner

    more like 200 fool. you ever bought any j’s?

  • Beavis Turner

    these won’t turn too yellow if you take care of your kicks. I’m gonna buy these 3 times over if they really do release

  • Toya Banks

    These would come out in December Smh….

  • Semi Angel

    IMA cop em

  • Juan Ruiz

    $200 lol.

  • Jamel Murphy

    Yea bro I’m getting at least 2 pairs Brian Jones

  • Andre Ray Jr

    Thanks Jordan Brand!! I’m cop em

  • Nick Pendergraft

    Zach O’Dell

  • Mark Anthony Kane

    What year did he wear these?!?

  • Zach O’Dell

    Yea buddy, 11 r tufffff

  • Brian Jones


  • Dan Mears


  • Jonathan Broder

    cant wait..i hope the first sample pics we saw are the actually “legends” mesh upper and the tint blue bottom will be golden..this sample is too blue if that makes sense!

  • Abner Vasquez

    Gerson Cisneros wtf are they coming out yes or no

  • Gerson Cisneros

    Yes Abner Vasquez

  • Abner Vasquez

    Ight but in that new color way or the classic one

  • Mauricio Eduardo Lopez

    Gotta have! Definitely coping

  • Sonny Porterfield

    How much are they

  • Edward Strong

    Terry Terry Beard gonna get these

  • Terry Beard

    Absofriginlutely. Edward Strong

  • David Fair

    Mark your calendar Vi Tran.

  • Nita Sánchez

    Luis Cuellar Martin Estas albinas para mi y las azules para ti jajaja

  • Luis Cuellar Martin

    Bufff….tu si que sabes Nita Sánchez,que estilo tienes,por dios!!!!

  • Nita Sánchez

    Venimos con este estilo ya de serie! jajaja

  • Fiftdeen Duboise

    Danielito Duboise

  • Paul Saini

    first must cop in years!

  • Randy Brown Jr.

    Gotta hve & get them

  • Vi Tran


  • Thomas Principe

    Thank You Jesus!

  • Bun Anthony Mak

    Biggest cop of 2014

  • Jordan

    Those are not the columbias look at the pic closely. It’s a white version of the gammas

  • Jordan

    The back of the columbias are black with white writing but this one is white with yellow

  • Ian Gonzalez

    Omg I want those so bad

  • Michael Watkins

    So is it the traditional “Columbia” shown at the top or the all white “Gamma Blue” versions shown at the bottom?

  • Mit-b Detriotpiston

    need these

  • Jeng Khim

    Chan Man

  • Christopher Little

    December these joints come out. I got to have them

  • Angela Marzetta


  • Carnell Anthony

    Better than the breds, I need 3 pair!

  • Gregory Champion

    Elijah ‘NO-Worries’ Burgos Brad Young Prince Vonada

  • Cory Fortune

    Melinda Bethea

  • Naptowns Finest

    If that second pic is supposed to be the columbias then mj I must skip!!!

  • AnthonyReyes

    If they put that gamma blue buttom on the original columbia’s i think it b pretty dope & we wouldn’t have to worry bout the icy blue sole turning yellow