Air Jordan 10 Ray Allen “Christmas” PE

Air Jordan 10 Ray Allen “Christmas” PE


Air Jordan 10 Ray Allen Christmas PE

The Xmas lineup for the NBA just got even more exciting thanks to this preview of Ray Allen’s “Christmas” Air Jordan X PEs. Fully dressed in an obvious holiday-inspired color scheme, all of you sneakerheads will surely notice the translucent soles as well. If you remember the two PE’s Allen brought out last year, then you know you should expect the unexpected. Read on after the jump to check out another look at these exclusive kicks and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section.

Air Jordan 10 Ray Allen Christmas PE

Photos via rayn34

  • Shairazi Effrim


  • Tony Markovic

    Jason Murray Jr.

  • Dustin Oubre

    Wack Pass

  • Reesio Bricks

    These the ugliest sh!ts I ever seen in my life. Not exaggeratin at all.

  • Alex Mejia

    Worst I ever seen they suck yuck..:’

  • Adrian Robinson

    Cherish Mason

  • Juanie Juan


  • Silvestre BM

    Look like customs.

  • Eddie Redice

    too much green but Id rock em I wouldnt buy em

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  • DestroyerOfGods

    “sneakerfiles: Air Jordan 10 Ray Allen “Christmas” PE” Ray has the nicest PEs’.

  • Nick Friesenhahn


  • Charlie Galvan

    Fuck Ray Allen he a BITCH niggga

  • Emilio Serrata


  • PocketSwellRell

    ENB1982 they releasing

  • ENB1982

    PocketSwellRell no they are his player editions

  • KingDavid Williams

    Ray Allen is the PE king hands down.

  • Azup Kevin

    ugly ass shoes ._.

  • Eddie Redice

    Black instead of green or 3m gray woulf look spectacular

  • Americzhearthrob Live

    They Ight.

  • Silvestre BM

    Just get some red & green paint hahaha…

  • Marnelly Sosa

    Margie Cruz

  • Andrea Merlin

    Alessandro Negri

  • Hammy Molina

    Jessie Parra in black and white tho

  • Jessie Parra

    Hammy Benny got them in all black suede

  • Jerome Angelo

    Looks like his Milwaukee Bucks PE.

  • June Viarruel

    Great for guys at a Hawaiian luau

  • Michael Rideout Major

    Early Bird

  • Tre Page