Air Jordan 1 Retro Production Cost Breakdown

Air Jordan 1 Retro Production Cost Breakdown



You payed how much?! Really, how much did you pay for your last pair of Air Jordan 1 retros? As you think about that, we’ve come across some pretty interesting data that hints at the actual numbers that go into producing one of today’s hottest retros.

As pictured in the image above, an Air Jordan 1 retro costs $16.25 to produce with materials costing around $10.75, $2.43 for labor, overhead at $2.10, and a factory profit which rings in at $0.97. Of course there are other factors that may influence the final cost, however, these numbers aren’t too far from the truth! Now just think, you probably pay between $125 and $140 for each AJ1 – that’s an $108.75-$123.75 profit margin in the pockets of Nike, Jordan Brand, and MJ.

Does that change your perspective on things, or are you unaffected by the realities of it all? Sound off in the comments below and keep it here at Sneaker Files for more.

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  • Chad Moore

    So why not make them $50.00??

  • Miguel Geraldo Galvan

    Shoes are pinche garbage.

  • Glenn Eugene

    That does not include marketing and advertising cost which is more than the production cost

  • Drew Perez

    But you don’t understand that they have to make enough to pay jordan, their designers, transport to the u.s., there’s other factors its not straight profit of 100 $.

  • Doug Wade

    Try living in Aus where the jordans are 220+

  • Andre Price

    Fk shoe companies and there inflated prices they could at least make them with better long lasting material

  • Miguel Geraldo Galvan

    Chingao vato. Nike cost to much for garbage as shoe making.

  • Felipe Madrigal

    They look like they cost $17 & should sell them at Ross!

  • Miguel Geraldo Galvan

    200 ain’t shit.

  • Tito M’f Papi Chuloo


  • Mike Ayala

    Fools getting shot for $20 shoes!!!lol…THATS GREAT

  • Todd Pronti

    How about transportation cost, marketing cost?

  • Bryan Berger

    Jordans are so fucking wack.

  • Antwan Poole

    They not even real leather !!
    Kats gettin killed over J’s !!

  • JoshuaChamberlin

    Until I can make them myself I’ll just have to deal with it or stop buying them

  • Mj Vincent Johnson


  • Tan Ace Say Keng

    Does it matter? We are still buying them…..

  • Jose Lara

    If u got it spend it and if u like buy it people act like they don’t spend more money on other stupid shit…smh

  • Jim Reuss

    Also retailers pay cost for them. Usually half price. So on a $125 pair of shoes nike probably makes $30 after production costs, etc. Still a healthy profit.

  • Clay Ernest

    Yall r wack.. shit my jz r off the hook.. i have several pairs of jz n not one pair have ever tore up

  • Thomas Lh

    Brandon Scaggs

  • Mike Fortson

    Miguel Geraldo Galvan I told your mom the same thing after I paid her to lick my asshole bitch

  • Juan Thedon

    Last pair cost me 140

  • Merce Chua

    u sure this is the real thing from the main sources? =)

  • Merce Chua

    u guys sure this is the real thing from the main sources?

  • Alex Neon Kue

    I make Jordans in my own sweatshop basement using my little brothers and sisters as workers. Selling for $50 each, hit me up.

  • Tee Tũn

    Are you guys believe this is official source? stop fuckin comment like a frog on the well

  • Benny_Blanco_

    Personally, I could care less because the mark up on my weed is just about as high. Pun intended.

  • Anthony Fresquez

    Vincent Cordova look there you go lol

  • Jayson Mathews

    Tagilima Tuiloma, Johnny Aquino, Sililo Bird, Maygon Mathews

  • Carlos Sleep Martinez

    Ashamed of myself

  • Eddie Redice

    sad thing is they were 65 bucks when they first dropped

  • Tony Stark

    I wanna see the production cost for those ugly ass yeebies or yeezies and why fools paying 5 gs for ugly ass kicks.

  • Vincent Cordova

    now dont you feel dumb

  • Anthony Fresquez

    Nope Vincent Cordova

  • Vincent Cordova

    cost same as pair of payless shoes lol

  • Eduardo Dieguez

    Everything in fashion is like this. How dumb are you fucks.

  • Ken Canada

    There is also distribution cost and plenty of other costs beyond production…..

  • RichandAmy Tausili Marks

    The 1s are not comfortable at all

  • Deron ChevyRidah Greene

    Latrice Annette

  • Latrice Annette

    Smh…And those are your shoes Deron.

  • Alex Edmond

    Jordan 1 cost $16…. Lol! Wow…..and we pay $150….

  • Deron ChevyRidah Greene


  • Matt Moreno

    These numbers aren’t real. They leave out shipping advertising design work and the retailers profit. So basically this is just bogus

  • Akihiko Suzuki

    So what?? Are you stopping buying jordans and wearing any cheap shoes??

  • Latrice Annette

    Time to start wearing those Starbury’s and Shaq’s Deron!lol

  • Deron ChevyRidah Greene


  • Rob Gracie

    Keepin it real SF! I like that. So true.

  • Rashaune McBean

    About time you show these idiots who allow nike to bend them over and resellers to put it in them!

  • Jehrend Tauro


  • Peter Insdorf

    John Christopher Prado but their dope thoo

  • Peter Insdorf

    Serge Efap do an article! That people spend so much and the actual cost lol

  • Emmanuel Cruz

    Julian Heisenberg Iribe

  • Aida LuvinCeleste Bernal

    I was all up bout giving nikes products up bt its everywhere too so i started my kick addiction again

  • Anthony Skaff

    Pontus Mirahmadi

  • Arslan Saeed

    Damn time to go to Payless for some fresh air walks for 20

  • Diego Torres

    Stephen Perez

  • Azariah McCloud

    Lmc if your not Fb Famous then Follow me ill make you One

  • Eugene Smith


  • DooYoung James Choi


  • Tym Edwards

    Damn they winning

  • Logan Poudel

    Only in America manufactured in China

  • Tru Bleu

    Yet we pay ten times that

  • classic

    the 1’s have always been ugly tho lol no wonder they cost that much to make

  • Mark Rayner

    100 % true ? the source ?

  • Carlos Vincent

    U should see the real prices no more than $35 dollars a pair ppl paid up2 $200 per pair lol

  • Derek Lott

    And we are stupid enough to be obsessed with them

  • Isis Ali

    This isn’t a surprise to me its been like this varies of years ! People to foolish to realize,their spending 180 or more on a shoe that does have any value. It’s the name that making the profit.

  • Marshon Lewis


  • Jeff Go

    Jordan’s cut 50 usd per pair

  • James Noguere

    Damn real shit…

  • Iris Koh

    Cassidy Winchester HAHAHAHA !!!!

  • Kevin Ernest Reyes

    788php WOAH !!!

  • Pete Wendt


  • Javier Lazalde

    Damn thats crazy

  • Kenneth Suppa Hoopa Clayton

    On some real shit tho niggas just paying for tha name.

  • Bryan Aikens

    Only problem is if you make them cheap everyone would have them then they wouldn’t be exclusive.

  • Bilieu Reath

    We pay $220-$240 down here in Australia which is just fucking bullshit!

  • Aaron Whosoever Carthigasu

    What about advertising and marketing?

  • Riccardo Brunelli

    Let’s all bend over for nike so they can fuck us with their prices, I know I’ve paid top dollar for their kickz but no ones forcing us to buy them, just thank Tinker Hatfield that they usually look dope I prefer Jordan 4s & 5s over most other Js

  • Sandy Thomas

    I’m pretty sure it’s the same way wit all the other shoes…

  • Matt Paraiso

    Alec Baclet Kiet Vo ……

  • Andrei Dwayne Villamor

    Joseph Lobo lol

  • Johnathan Ramos


  • Skyler Leonard Martinez

    That is straight up crazy and yet ppl get shot over Js

  • Darrin J Quimayousie

    fuck that im making my own shit!!! ill buy the material!!!

  • Darin Vaughn

    I like em’, but so glad I don’t buy them!

  • Jet Tuñgul

    why is this even a surprise? of course you are paying the brand.

  • John Luster

    I always try to catch em on sale

  • Roberto Lopez

    Still copp em even if they cost $2 to make…
    If they look hot im getting em

  • Toots D. Hindap

    Keanu Hindap

  • Mariam Cangri Vazquez

    What is everyone crying about? Y’all are stiiill going to buy them.

  • Riccardo Queri

    this happens for any shoe in the world… advertisment, distribution and design is not for free.

  • Ryan Hagens

    thats how you make money

  • Alex Pulido Å

    Johnny Alvarez Michael Alvarez

  • Willo Healy

    unless you buy them from a nike outlet all that profit aint nikes because i doubt footlocker or what ever other shop is making no profit id say they buy them wholesale at 30+ dollars and for some reason i doubt the material for 1 shoe costs 10 dollars id say its a lot less

  • Frankie Odessa Kane Quiñones

    Fuck Nike.

  • Terrance Jones

    Wonder how much the materials in foams cost…

  • Adrian Tello

    Don’t buy them if u don’t want to. I’m buying them cause I can. It’s like that for everything. People
    Gotta make profit.

  • Richard Jackson

    This is deceiving they are made in third world countries to keep the prices down if they were made in America they’d cost 5 times as much. Making them in places like Mexico and Vietnam benefits there local economies. However the profits made by Nike etc are outrageous.

  • Bryan Berger


  • John Calderon

    Respect the hussle !!

  • Teo Vasquez

    Erick Medrano

  • Joseph Guerrero

    Juan Cerda fuckin bullshit lol

  • Harrison Andriantiana Ramanantsoa

    Joary Nantenaina Thaina

  • King Darnell

    That’s with all clothes. And shoes. Or anything else that you buy.

  • Ken Chan

    MJ: $20, Nike: $100

  • Mervin Carlo Pichay

    Shit we got screwed! Lol

  • Beto Chavez

    It’s like that with everything we buy or consume. Are we going to walk around naked and hungry? Supply and demand.

  • Jason Bugatti Sanders

    Cell phones the same to lol

  • Torpong Wongsuvarna

    You guys just mess up with production cost while not realize how much they pay for branding, advertising, promoting, designing and so much fucking stuff to force us to buy them. that’s called marketing cost!

  • Brian de Leon

    @ken chan, nike:100, MJ:5. If it was 100/20, that would be a 20% cut. You let me down mr chan

  • trentbg

    @Aaron Whosoever Carthigasu Last time I have seen advertising for J’s was more than 15 years a go. They don’t need to advertise or market, all pairs will be copped in hours, that is the hype we created as consumers.

  • Jason Michael


  • Dominique Jack Delafuente

    What it didn’t say is the price to ship them to the shipping docks in the country they were made in.. the price to send them here whether it be plane or boat.. and the import fee that the government has on them… the price to transport them to the stores. And most importantly to pay the sales associates at the stores… if youre going to try and throw these conpanies under the fucking bus… do the god damn shit right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Young

    i guess we obsessed because of the history behind the shoe

  • Andre Avent

    MJ makes 5% off every pair of Jordans sold. Makes an average of $100,000,000.00 a year.

  • Norma Umipig

    Ang ganda naman

  • David Dundas

    Geno Tõuch

  • Karl Hype San Nicolas

    Handcrafted LOUI shades though

  • Darren Lin

    incredible margin profit, MJ rulz!!!

  • Adam Makaveli Galley

    …”The feeling of sliding your feet into a new pair of J’s…Priceless.”

  • Jack Joseph

    $2.43…come on

  • Ricardo L. Rivera Badía

    No one has come to my house with a gun making me buy them. I buy them because I want and because I can.

  • Wesley Pina

    Crazy. Still buyin em lol

  • Emmanuel Njukih

    w. t. f! in Kenya we pay like twenty-five times that amount..

  • Marcel van den Heuvel

    @sneakerfiles get your shit right before you post stiff like this? What point are you trying to make? And yes…. When you caculate stuff like that please make sure it’s complete. Where are the in and export duties that the governments take, the taxes that the same governments take, the shipping costs, insurances, storage costs, transportation costst to get then to your fav shop, then add the rent and other costs a shop owner is paying and go on…. Lame ass post

  • Mike Quirk

    Ooooh marcel van den heuvel , ita only one. Oppinion lad chill


    If you factor all that, it wouldn’t cost more than a couple more dollars per shoe

  • Konstans Marković

    Sophie Bryant

  • Konstans Marković

    Manon Da Silva

  • Derik Abenojar

    And we pay $160+ -____-

  • Bryan Berger

    If you were born in the 90’s you can fall back… & if you’re privileged enough to to see the gawd play in em & grab some pairs… Salute. Enough of the fuckery.

  • Derrick Petersen

    If you don’t like em dont buy emm simple as that. If u gotta ask the price that means u probably can’t afford em player. I like rocking Cadillacs on my feet so if u like riding in the hoopdy then that’s on you bruh . Step yo game up

  • Marcel van den Heuvel

    So whats your point? I guess all your fans / followers are still happy to get a pair and rock them with pride? Why are you trying to spoil our fun? :-)

  • Derrick Petersen

    Its like U want a fine bitch wearing gucci?? Or wait u probably want the fattty sittin in McDonalds right?

  • Mike Quirk

    Ah ha haaa listen to derrick petersen ….. Player , i wouldn’t wear these for a fuckin bet !!!!

  • Al Rogers Jr.

    And this means what? Look at the cost of have the items you wear, whether shoes, clothing, etc. Mostly all of it is manufactured in 3rd world countries. It’s business! If you don’t like, make your own shoes or just don’t buy Jordan shoes. It’s as simple as that……..there are much bigger issues in the world than worrying about sneaker manufacturers………..

  • Derrick Petersen

    Thats cus u already lost the bet… u must like the fat bitch I take.. im not mad at u bro if u can’t affkrd then u cant afford maybe u should dislike the page this is on player

  • Bmark Lim

    Thats why some people buy reps if you can get the same quality. hehe

  • Sabrina Kitteh Miller

    SvEn JO daaaaa….-.-

  • Albert Jayson Joaquin

    People need to stop crying. Don’t buy them. Easy as that. It’s business 101 out source factory/bulk production = low production cost. Trying making 1 pair of shoes in the US with the same material bought would cost you more than $40-50… That’s why no one does production in the US anymore

  • Peter Mercado

    Mofuckers line or die for a pairs of jordans I understand what u saying , these white mofo who dont know our struggle always wanna be down y’all whites people never understand.

  • John Ødin Whilde

    Its a shame that Nike that do a no profit day one day a year.

  • Timothy Simon Jr.

    Thats f- up!!!! But f- it, there is no other shoe like Jordan’s…they are the best to surface the face of this planet… I kno the game cold but thats how it is.!!!!

  • Val Norman Theshadowscythe

    A simple Air Jordan 1 without any Nike Logo or anything that has “Nike” in the shoe will only cost that much. The reason why it costs expensive is due to copyright and distribution.

  • Harry Brown

    U forgot jordens cut

  • Seth Montgomery

    Jasmyne Woods this shit…

  • Frans Fadenan Lay

    Yep there you have it!

  • Bzo Glover

    Fact$. Itz all hu$tle profit.160-200$$

  • Cameron Lawson

    ugly anyway

  • Matty Miceli

    Holy shit!!! Paul Dirienzo Dave Di Rienzo

  • Devinberrybadboi Homer

    We dnt pay fa da fukkn materials we pay fa da name

  • KC Monsta

    @Monstathatnigga “We Don’t Use No Soda” ft. @ICEIS2FRESH x @BKLU3ST33L … …

  • Jan Jankovsky

    are you really supprised!? and its not a profit margin of $115. You have your retailer who pays about half of the price between $125-140. So for nike thats about $40-50 if you didnt buy it from then it really is a a high margin

  • Pontus Mirahmadi

    Ska vi öppna en sneaker fabrik Anthony Skaff?

  • Amar Morris


  • Elijah Lowrie

    Worn by Michael Jordan:$200.00

  • Christian Paco Sanchez

    If everyone bitched over cost v price…nobldy would wear anything expensive…how you much you think that gucci belt cost to make or then true religion jeans?im sure youd be pissed about that too…

  • Kelvis Bodden


  • Jonathan Clark

    Jordan got money can’t knock his hustle

  • Ian Hugo

    Jordan Peek

  • Borris Bobinho De Paolinho


  • Daisy Reyes

    Marcos Lopez

  • Justin Case

    What the fuck I paid 160

  • Dwight T Jenkins

    Can’t worry about the next mans money stay focused on your own…

  • Reese Woodson

    Footlocker turns around and sell them for $120…….

  • Stan DaMan


  • Dana McMahon

    Damn, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think about those sweat shops though. The people slaving all day for cents on the dollar to make shoes we spend hundreds on.

  • Jason Torres

    everyone should take a sobering look at this!

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    Jordan already got paid, he signed a contract for his name, he wont get paid again untill another contract is signed, just like Lebron, they gave him 100m b4 he stepped on the court to use his name!!! They dont get paid by each shoe that is sold!!!!

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    Its the middle man who is doin the taxin!!!! Foot locker, champs, Finnish line, ect.!!!! The stores make at least 100.00$ a shoe!!!! But every middle man can get cut out!!!!lol

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    Without retailers, jordans are worth 60-80$ depending on material!!!!lol

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    People seem to forget leather aint cheap!!!!!

  • Hendra Zhang

    Rio Yonathan Steffan Farrel

  • Anthony Jones

    New Slave

  • Ooi Zhi Heng

    da heck… =.=

  • Hector Delapaz

    And yet you idiots still pay $175 plus tax or reseller prices

  • Johnrichard Torres

    And they go for 180$ that bums me out

  • King Darnell

    Athletes get royalties. So yea they do get paid from each shoe that is sold.

  • George Lawrence Parel

    nike sweatshop

  • Ima Boss


  • Alan Schlup

    Stop bitching and step your money game up. ..

  • Allday Redd

    Then don’t buy them! If Payless is your price range then buy all means shop til U drop

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    No they dont!!!!!

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    Musicians get royalties dummy bcuz they actually produce and come up with product!!!!! Atheletes get paid for their name!!!!! MARKETTINg!!!!!

  • Melissa Kamps

    Same for European countries..

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    I dont pay dat price bcuz my old AAU coach is a nike sponsor!!!! To bad yall was bad athletes!!!!!

  • Melissa Kamps

    The sneakerblogs do the advertising, protoming and hyping.. Nike just has to release 1 damn picture and the internet goes crazy..

  • Alec Baclet

    I feel like wereing mandals now Matt Paraiso

  • Alex Alpine Borom

    Yall payin for fake jordans anyways, bcuz none are original, they are not made the same!!!!! Bcuz if u got the first space jams in 2000 and then got them when they came back out you’ll kno that it was a totally different shoe!!!!! ROOKIES!!!!!

  • Adrien Pedroza

    if you can buy a $150-$200 sneaker no problem this prolly aint a big deal to you. if you one of the ones that save up and bust your ass just to buy a $150-$200 sneaker you prolly mad as hell when you seen this lol.

  • Troy Lee

    Shut-up & take my $…

  • Torpong Wongsuvarna

    Yes, it is. but it’s not easy to get the brand to the top and that’s how they make up the price expensive. As an overall image (not only for one model of shoes), it pays a lot for sponsoring, brand building, developing etc. it takes time to be world famous brand. not easy

  • Nando SpaceBoy Rivera

    This Alex dude is retarded. How the fuck ar we buying fake shoes? If we bought the OGs and bought the same shoes after they retro them, they’re called “RETROS”

  • Torpong Wongsuvarna

    where demands meet supply. fair enough

  • Erik Torres

    Logos n sponors r the money rapist here

  • Will Alexander Coleman

    Zach Pectol

  • N’Adja Palmer

    Alex must read at a 2nd grade reading level!!!!! Damn idiot! !!!!!

  • Raul Fisher

    This why I like Sneaker Files both sides of the spectrum

  • Polo Mark


  • Cheyenne Mclaurin

    Smh bro Stefan McLaurin

  • Stefan McLaurin

    My heart….dead Cheyenne

  • Cell Been Trill

    But Ya’lln would pay $215 for some LeBron

  • Vic Conscious Man Wormley

    Yet sales for hundred or more…

  • Vic Conscious Man Wormley

    Damn 97 cent??? That factory gotta be pumping!

  • Roi Gold Blooded Amaya


  • Major Strokes

    Basic Supply and Demand… Make only a few… So people line up to purchase them… Charge what you want at retail…. Why cause we gone buy’em anyway… It’s the “American Way”….

  • AsceBlayze

    So people wait for hours and possibly get killed over shoes worth $16.25? I’ll never  understand you guys.

  • Erwin Zalgado

    Well you know how much I pay…?
    Yea… shut up

  • Jordan Nwonuma

    I wish Jordans were that much

  • Ronell Cross

    America cattle consumer tax: $134

  • Patrick Appiagyei

    And with all that profit Jordan brand still ain’t a billion dollar company!!

  • Patrick Appiagyei

    If Jordans cost $17 no one would buy em!! Nobody!!

  • Felix R. Matos

    y te la espetan en cuanto ???? like casi 300 ???? thats what yeezus talks about

  • Cameron Millican

    And we buy them for a way more expensive price. I know they need to make a profit but.

  • Sam Crawford

    This is true with all popular products

  • Rick Smith

    But if you buy them, you too…can be an NBA legend.

  • Sonny Sachdev

    Doesn’t include the millions spent on advertising, paying MJ, corporate employees cost , etc etc

  • Daniel Garcia Davila

    Athletes don’t get paid for every shoe that’s sold, they sign a contract before making the shoe and of course it’s a big amount of money but nothing compared to the revenue that the company gets out of the sales.

  • Jessie Shuttlesworth

    Certainly there are other finances left out but what’s really annoying to any seasoned sneaker person- the quality of each shoe is declining yet the price of the shoe is (without real reason) getting jacked up. They don’t care. WE should.

  • Kris Booker

    I wish

  • Tyler C Stevens

    Bruh…. Chris Winston

  • Rick Chowder


  • Chris Winston

    This goes for pretty much all shoes when you think about it Tyler C Stevens

  • Tyler C Stevens

    STill tho

  • Jontez McBee

    What most people are missing in this whole post is astonishing. Lol You can tell how most of you are inside by your comments and what I’m seeing is sad. You call yourselves human and you didn’t even pay attention to the fact that the materials cost more than the labor (people). This is a one of the worst things I’ve seen from Nike besides the quality of Jordans today. How in the fuck do you pay more for materials than you do the people who make your product? I’ve been in management for years and my most costly expense has always been payroll. How can you support a brand that just gave you proof of sweatshop labor with this breakdown of how much it cost to make a pair of shoes. Nike is full of racist white people that care nothing about people and everything about money. This shit is fucked up! Jordan Brand will leave Nike I see that coming. It’s a new day and Black people are waking up to the bullshit Nike is full of bullshit. 2.50 really? Fuck out of here! Everyone that has a job should be offended because what’s stopping this shit from happening to you? Oh wait…

  • Brandin Maurice Aragon

    Banned’s will make her dance!

  • Matt Paraiso

    croc gang??

  • Slaid Jameson Taylor

    This is why I don’t buy 1s

  • Warren Gante


  • Brandon Watlington

    retail for $140 and about 150 with tax in florida

  • Thomas Tmack Vogtman

    RapFreak Next

  • Javier Oyola

    Remember when we were talking about this Sachin Samaroo

  • Timothy Pan

    Spencer Poon

  • Erving Hernandez


  • Adrian Ortega


  • Michael Thomas Jr.


  • Ryan Roman

    John Tenorio

  • Adrian Ortega

    Let’s get some retros!!

  • John Tenorio

    jordans are way too hyped

  • Selin Fickdichkeingeezy


  • Kamil Zajkowski

    George Janenko

  • George Janenko

    Saw this before.

  • Paris FancyyMuchh Ware

    It ain’t worth all that

  • Carlos Driscoll

    That’s why you cut the middleman buy bulk on wholesale from the right manufacturer and triple the price because people will pay the cost for popular brand names its what society is based on who has the most expensive cars clothes shoes its what the media projects to the people for high dollar markets its call getting pimped by a buisness. Its what NIKE does and has been doing for years using famous athletes to advertise and consume the youth as well as adults for generations.

  • Matthew Mckenzie

    Something is worth what someone will pay you for it. Don’t hate Nike because they charge so much stop buying their shoes. Lol real likely

  • Charles Doran

    And add warehousing, shipping, distribution, advertising, design, profits (Brand & seller) and more. It doesn’t tell the whole story. Jordan V’s all day.

  • De’Vonte D Rose Robinson

    Terrible because we pay 100 times that price

  • Derrick Boss

    Thats it im going to stop by the Jordan factory when i go to china

  • Anthony Skins Gleesh

    Correct me if im wrong but I bet if people were not to buy Jordan’s Nikes for one whole year they would drop prices asap
    On who!!!!!!

  • David William Wise

    Why the fuck r they 80 bucks?

  • Brandon Pence

    Love Jordans but this is reason I don’t buy. This world needs to get away from the greed. Its sad, main reasons economy is in the shape it is in.

  • William Plummer

    lol That’s the gimmick, we oay so much for them although they cost so little to make.. So in the end when you buy a pair of Nikes your getting fucked.. I mean they are the best so you still get them, but yeah it’s messed up..

  • Donnie D Jolla II

    This is why I buy replicas…

  • Josh Go Hard Neal

    happy im not a Jordan sneaker head lol no thanks jordan

  • Dan Thompson

    De’Vonte, you pay $1,600 for shoes!?

  • Derrick Maurice-Bonilla

    That’s business for you. It costs less than 15% of the retail price to make the shoe. That’s how business works. But the cost of Labor is just ridiculous. Business is business, but a human is a human and they make so much money that paying these workers at least $10 wouldn’t hurt them at all. I mean I love shoes but social awareness is important.

  • Derrick Maurice-Bonilla

    The last pair of Jays I bought from retailers were my Bred 4s and before those were my Old Royal 10s, I just try my luck on FB groups and eBay I’m staying away from supporting JB. I mean it doesn’t make a difference but at least you’re not contributing directly to their financial gain.

  • Leon Yao

    William Lin

  • John

    I’m an economics major and as much as you want to believe that foreign workers are underpaid, they aren’t. granted from a proportion of their wages to profits earned, yeah they get the shaft. but large companies moving production facilities overseas actually helps increase median incomes and standard of living for host underdeveloped and developing nations. Much of America screams for “Made in the USA” tags, but if that were the case, we would be spending much more on everything. International trade is a two way beneficial exchange. Nike/Jordan only charges those prices because they can. If demand was less for retros, then well prices would be too.

  • Daryl Daryl Daryl Daryl

    Lana Wyane LOOOOL