Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Bred” – New Images

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Bred” – New Images


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bred New Images

With the “Gamma Blue” Air Jordan XIs set to hit retailers tomorrow, there are quite a few other high profile Air Jordan releases on the way. One of which will be the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Bred” on December 28th. Having already provided all of you sneakerheads with a hell of a whole lot of looks, this highly anticipated retro is sure to be a hot commodity in the coming weeks. Check out the fresh new images after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bred New Images




Air Jordan 1 Retro Hi OG
Black/Varsity Red-White

Photos via Wish

  • Whop Mack

    I had thoes Jordan in the 8 grade,1987

  • Philly Phil Martinez

    Now were talkin….Dope azz Kickz

  • Jaycee Santos Empig

    Nalla Tiglao Elmer Tendero

  • Ivan J Navarro

    Nice im digging it

  • Wil Moe

    When they was in the double pack noone really cared.when they put em out w the strap u slepted on em .now u idiots gonna pay 400 for

  • Wil Moe

    Fake sneaker head hype beast

  • Francisco Arzuaga Ramos

    I just rock my today have a pair 4 years ago clean in the box

  • Martin Ramirez

    These are legit .. but they should be called the “Banneds”

  • Sharod Taylor

    Toishishuma Abrahams!

  • Dippie Tha Youngn

    Donald McCormick Jr.

  • Jared Maisano

    Must copp.. Saturday Dec. 28th!

  • Jonathan Manuel Ibero

    Paulo Shishido

  • Jesse Gordo Reyes

    Gonna cop these fo sho

  • Febie Villaranda

    Anthony de Paz Ck Raguindin

  • Jamaul Mismewiddatbs Mitchell

    Y’all run for the cheApest Js. Lol

  • Anthony Cleveland

    this was my first pair of jays!!! but it was the nc blue and not just regular leather either. i fell in love wit the jays after these retro ones and it grew from there! i had every color of the work’ems and then the ol’ schools. ty u for all the different ones and colors. micheal jordan. i had every jersey of mj from laney to the bullets from 23 to 45 but the white soxs. thanks for all the amazing sports wear and hope things go well in the future!!!!!!

  • Anthony Cleveland

    and went from the air jordan to the jumpman. ty again

  • David Corbett

    This a top 3 pick up of the year! They may not be a flashy new super limited colorway but thats why I like em…OG…Classic…I mean c’monn its the J that started the Js…straight FOUNDATION of it all! Ya’ll sleep on these please…gracias

  • Kenneth SoleBandit Collier

    Are They Dropping In Gs Size

  • Johnathan Rivera

    Up send me a pair of those

  • Choi Manera Baximen

    This is what i want for christmas …

  • Walid Rebbouh

    These are like size 11

  • Hannah Jenne Jalique

    tss ganto ba ung sayo Rommel? XD

  • _LilKiara

    tHats_TB sneakerfiles we ON these!!!!

  • tHats_TB

    “_LilKiara: tHats_TB sneakerfiles we ON these!!!!”definitely !!!

  • Terrell Brown


  • Adrian Ortega

    Michael you had these 😮 not the same exact kind tho

  • Christopher Morris

    I have a pair of these. The originals. They are worth like $3000 according to internet quotes. They are not in mint condition. But i would like to find a collector who wants to buy them for alot cheaper than 3gs.

  • Christopher Morris

    I got the throwback originals though these are a replica of them jus a lil diff.

  • Henry Figueroa


  • Edward Jackson

    The all red are harder

  • Lasadie Browder

    Them been out and they ugly ewww .. zzzzzzzz

  • Ken Jun Sulit

    Jeus Joseph eto ba yun? Angas hahaha

  • Carlo Narcelles

    Need these Ashleigh Bowers Narcelles you still lost that bet! Lol

  • Carlo Narcelles

    Whoever says these are whack don’t know shit about Jordans

  • Shawn Strong


  • Bảo Bánh Bao

    Mang thằng này nè Duy Duyên Dáng

  • Rufus Atkin

    I need those shoes.

  • Eduardo Caudillo

    Ana Pantoja Babyyy ^.^

  • Fantasyguy23

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  • Shillu Bway DeMan Poh

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  • Ana Pantoja

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  • Eduardo Caudillo

    Yesss ^-^

  • Ana Pantoja

    Kay finally ^.^

  • Eduardo Caudillo

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  • Keisha Parson


  • Eddie Redice

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  • Daniel Abid

    Hifza Zara Ahmad Chaudhry

  • Carlos Guevara Majano

    Im copping

  • Carlo Narcelles

    Blk cement 3s have dropped atleast 6x that doesn’t mean they’re whack

  • Ashleigh Bowers Narcelles

    yeah yeah… i knoooowww…

  • Nicholus Gnosis-Shabazz Vilakazi


  • Ivan J Navarro


  • Chitou Achkalid Man


  • Amrit Cobhc

    Gonna try and cop it!!