Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94 “Bobcats”

Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94 “Bobcats”


Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94 Bobcats

Dropping on January 11th will be this “Bobcats” version of the Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94. Much like its Air Jordan X counterpart, these kicks also sport the same team-inspired look. Set to drop the same day as the Xs, all of you sneakerheads will have two times to MJ owned heat coming your way. As popular as the Xs have become, these don’t look to be too bad of a pick up just in case you miss out on the joints you really want. Check out another look after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94 Bobcats

Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94
Wolf Grey/Dark Powder Blue-Cool Grey-Atomic Orange

Photos via Rock City Kicks

  • Andrew Chan


  • Karim Yeezy

    wassup with all these bobcats colorways?

  • TMaine Hayes

    Ivan Hamilton BruthaSwayze

  • Edgar Neftali Castillo

    I’d change the orange to white

  • Robert Lindsay

    Fred Hoch

  • Kyle HurryupandBuy Blackmon

    They dont look bad…. but they will hit outlets

  • Ro Lightup

    Abdiazis Hassan

  • Walter L. Judilla

    wait for the 11’s bobcat.. lol

  • Cali Budd

    These hard af

  • James Sampson

    Vince Murrain what you think.?

  • Pasneakerscom Peter Santopietro

    That means these are 11s LMFAOOO old people 10 years ago they would start doing this !!! Adding kicks together no more designs :(

  • Phil Paredes


  • Brandon Sorensen

    thes nah but them 11 bobcats cold blooded

  • Michael Chino George

    Michael Adelson

  • Krs P. Dior

    Karim Yeezy and the 5 people that liked his comment… bobcats is the team Michael Jordan owns for the past few years……… does that ring a bell now???

  • Jay Moon

    Michael Merk dope pick up for the summer I like em alot

  • Michael Merk

    I like those Jay Moon

  • midzae

    “sneakerfiles: Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94 “Bobcats”” they’re just going to do every shoe huh?

  • Stephon Gezzy Jamison

    Now those are gangsta

  • Juan Picu Rondon

    Cabrones los quiero

  • Rodney Luz Ramos Rodriguez

    I like this More..

  • NoahKenneally

    “sneakerfiles: Air Jordan 1 Retro ’94 “Bobcats”” best mid 1’s yet

  • Marco Lopez

    Que copiones

  • Melody N Socorro Rivera


  • Vince Nova Murrain

    James these are okay.. I’m kinda feeling like yea but I’m kinda feeling like no..

  • Sixsomini Sixsomany Sicksomany

    Them hittin’……

  • CatchMe IF Youcan

    There are no retro 11 bobcats. There are some retro 10’s bobcats and 6 rings. Get y’all facts right. #TRUSNEAKERHEAD

  • Li’ Quin


  • Keith RandySavage Jones

    How much they cost?

  • Tommy Thompson

    These bobcat colors are fresh as fuck!

  • Cbtb TJ

    im feelin the shoe,but the laces fucks it up

  • Limon Wilson


  • Andrea Sotelo

    Alejandro Zenteno o:

  • Chill Corey Mill

    #SWEET YO!!!

  • Ryan Beckman

    if Jordan brand docent fuse the 5’s,6’s or 7’s the fusion series with the 1’s will not be complete or done right

  • Aly ThatModel

    I like the 10s better

  • Anthony Delsa

    These are actually kinda fly im not a big fan of fusions but these might be a pick up just to have as a fuck around shoe

  • Erick Vargas

    #Dope wow ;oo amazing

  • Tee Wise


  • Kenneth Richards

    When do they drop

  • Jacob Lopez

    bro im copping these jan 11 Elias Khaliffa

  • Hustleman Harrison

    Need some info and of air force 1s

  • Junior Burga Calvera

    Cuanto cuestan ???

  • Leatha Hurst

    Rivera Jessica

  • Steven Holley


  • Rifle Ctf


  • Patrice Smith

    kinda cute.

  • Isaiah Maddox

    Isaiah Hudson Aquän Häll Khameek Hall Ichimaru Gin

  • D.j. Graham

    Kolby Hamm

  • Keron Massiah

    This shit dropping for my b day need 1