adidas TS Commander LT Skeletal PE Tim Duncan

adidas TS Commander LT Skeletal PE Tim Duncan


In September we brought you a look at a pair of the adidas TS Commander LT that pays homage to “The Man Child,” Dwight Howard. We recently came across pictures taken of a TS Commander LT PE belonging to another famous big man under contract with adidas- Tim Duncan. This particular Commander sports the skeletal touches that the adidas crew helped design in commemoration of Halloween. Certain adidas NBA ballers like Tim Duncan have taken a particular liking to this theme, and, thus, have been wearing them with more regularity. This Halloween PE comes with a white skeletal foot design that runs throughout the entire upper and can also be seen on the bottom of the sole through the transluscent “ice” bottoms. Detailing specific to the greatest power forward ever to play in the NBA comes by way of his jersey number and signature on the heel. Enjoy more pictures after the jump.


  • mrpogi1295

    dats kinda tight

  • JX

    Holy Grail ADIDAS DID IT!!!!!!!!!

    The best adidas to come out after the original Kobe's worn when he won the dunk championship(purple "feet you wear")


    Nicely done Adidas!

  • w1tness_this23

    Im a Nike/Jordan man and I cant believe adidas has finally come up with a shoe that I would spend cheese on (the dunk contest Kobes were clean) I will be coppin these!

  • Sarcastic619

    DOPE ! DOPE ! DOPE !

  • hammyhamster

    A bit bizarre but i woould definitely cop.

  • Mrtrinidad


  • !z @ H@b!t

    the design is dope but i dnt the shoe i wish they made a dunk or somethin with this design i would definently cope then but i might change my mind and cop these addias

  • !z @ H@b!t

    *dnt like

  • jennifer

    are these available for purchase yet?

  • tyler

    yeah!?! are they available for purchase cause these shoes are sick!!!

  • Cortney Brown


  • Malachi Void,jr

    is there any way i could get a pair of the skeletal ts commander that Tim Duncan wore? If so i wear a size 14. I am willing to pay a fair price for the shoes. Please someone out there help me find those shoes.