adidas to Bring Back the Gil Zero model under the Regulate Name

adidas to Bring Back the Gil Zero model under the Regulate Name


adidas Regulate

For all of you sneakerheads who may recognize this low cut adidas basketball silhouette, it was once worn by Gilbert Arenas. Originally called the Gil Zero, it looks like adidas is preparing to bring the underrated model back with a different name and design. Fully equipped with a clean Wizards-inspired colorway, these joints sport a crisp perforated white leather upper paired with red and blue accents. All of you sneaker enthusiasts can expect to see these retooled kicks arrive at retailers fairly soon. Check out a few more angles after the jump and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

adidas Regulate

adidas Regulate

adidas Regulate

adidas Regulate

adidas Regulate
Q33334 White/Dark Chili-Blue

Photos via id4shoes

  • Christian Impey

    Jodi Impey I like.

  • Tabius Reed

    This yo swag De’Ray Duke

  • Butch Go Regalado

    Gilbert Arenas Agent 0

  • David Khoutsavanh

    buying these for you Bryan Tempraseuth

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    Rather rock British knights or filas compared to that.

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    David Khoutsavanh the fucks this

  • David Khoutsavanh

    the regulator shoes man Bryan Tempraseuth

  • Davosha Denny

    Not much on the newer Adidas im much more into the older makes but these joints are aiigghhtt!!!

  • Tim Rizzi

    These were nice back in the day.

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  • Nick Golfis

    George Athanasas

  • Learnmore Sunny Saidi

    amazziiing check out my wall post right now!

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    super like it!!!

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    Very nice

  • Sapang Palay

    should re release also the tmac line… especially the tmac2…

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    Chug Cadiogan

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    Boysie haha

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    Elgin Regino

  • Danny Gonzales

    Adidas shape-ups?

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    Lol. All for u Bryan Kennerly & Shakor Beauregard

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    Ugly ass fake g-units Reebok lol

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    Lmao Sitruc Nostaw

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    Change the sole

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    Ewwwww! Looks like a dam reebok!

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    Yes please!

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    Brad Nester

  • Brad Nester

    Yessir that’s all me. I wish Gilbert still played.

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    Me2 bruh

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    Ato Tiongco

  • Leron Barkley

    Gil Zeros !!!! He had a good run in D.C.

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  • Locky Breen

    Danny Breen Damian Freeman Cooper Breen

  • Jay Olivas

    Adidas don’t want to pay agent zero rights. I feel bad for other signed athletes… Derrick Rose.

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  • Walter Taylor

    Them are dope as hell

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    adizero shoes

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    Gun included?