adidas Mutombo ‘Black/White’ | Official Images

adidas Mutombo ‘Black/White’ | Official Images



By all accounts, Dikembe Mutombo has had an amazing year and comback! Between his hilarious Geico commercials and the return of his signature adidas Mutombo basketball sneaker, today renders official images to the upcomnig adidas Mutombo “Black/White”.

What follows up the first two retro releases seen earlier this year, this model also features a black nubuck construction however various as it displays mostly white underlays and branding with the exception of some color at the tongue.

And as a reminder, the adidas Mutombo “Black/White” will release through select retailers and online at beginning December 14th.

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  • Mel Laylow Getinit

    Bitches is hard

  • Mad Maxx

    them shits different
    Tuff kicks

  • John Jenkins

    He usedto have cheap sneakers so the poor could afford them what happened to that.?

  • John Jenkins

    I had a pair when i was a kid

  • Tony Ricardo Lyve

    id copp

  • Skyler Leonard Martinez

    Need em

  • Cheyenne Mclaurin

    I like these but I don’t like the sole of the shoe Stefan McLaurin

  • Liam Macca


  • Laxon Andrike


  • Tristam Twstr Apikotoa

    I getting

  • Deandre Hardaway

    Dem bih clean

  • Felix Rivera

    Natalia Rivera Tommy Colon straight classics!

  • Fgs Dee

    I got all do far so gotta cop these

  • Papa-Ours So-z

    Blez Rod’ ! Putain il me les faut!

  • Anthony Tgod Montoya


  • Joshua Henriquez

    smh ulgy

  • Joshua Henriquez


  • Mike Quirk

    they are fucking horid

  • Lanceandrei Arroyo

    nc 1

  • Peter Nodwell

    Richie Graham these r made for u

  • Richie Graham

    I only buy good shoes Peter Nodwell ha!

  • José Israel García Rodriguez


  • Paulix Castle

    i wish the logo on the tongue was also black and white.

  • Billy Baddass

    Damn that’s them mutombos

  • Sharif Shukaifa

    Dinita Rihawi had dababe mout7arake allaa

  • Bobby Addison

    Remember these Anthony Dewayne Johnson…….

  • Anthony Dewayne Johnson

    Sho do brother! But how they ain’t put the kente cloth pattern around the trim?! Larceny!!

  • Bobby Addison

    Anthony Dewayne Johnson I know right…. time for a protest son….. Call u the troops.

  • Anthony Dewayne Johnson

    Already on it! Ice Lamborghini Troops!! Lol

  • Dinita Rihawi

    bs b32ed!

  • Jaime Vargas


  • Adrian SoLyrical Sloan

    Keenen Morrison what you think bout these bro??

  • Princess Harris Hello

    i like…

  • Smitty Tipo Dorsainvil

    Official Adidas Grade A+

  • Sharif Shukaifa

    eh wallaa b3a2eed

  • Daijaunte Platt

    those go hard

  • Markos Mark Mamo