adidas D Rose 4 “Boardwalk” – Now Available

adidas D Rose 4 “Boardwalk” – Now Available


D Rose 4 Boardwalk

After first signs of these crazy adidas dropped recently, we now get the new Derrick Rose signature shoe in the US. The adidas D Rose 4 “Boardwalk” is a fun, loud pair of kick’s full with a Prism Mint on the perforated upper in the front and Tech Beige with hints of pink on the heel. Like most signature shoe’s, there is some kind of story behind it and these are dedicated to the Southern California beaches where D Rose rehabbed his knee parts of this past summer. These are available now at FootLocker
icon for $140(US) in most sizes.

How do you feel about this pair of adidas D Rose 4 “Boardwalk’s” now that they’ve hit the states? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Sneakerfiles for more updates on the D Rose line and everything else sneakers!

D Rose 4 Boardwalk

D Rose 4 Boardwalk

D Rose 4 Boardwalk

D Rose 4 Boardwalk

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  • Nicolas Acosta

    Alvin Neris

  • Shelly Niles


  • Janelle Mcnichol


  • Herb Hapaki Hernandez

    sick as hell!! I’m getting them =D

  • Jamie Pollock

    Lol .. South beach rip offs

  • David Daniels III


  • Kenny King

    Wack as shit

  • Bryan Walker

    Lol……d.rose should of went with nike

  • Azariah McCloud

    Lmc if your not Fb Famous then Follow me ill make you One

  • Joel Staeger

    Ugly af!!!

  • Richard Ayala

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  • Jaii Feliciano

    Ridiculously ugly

  • Chong Don

    What were they thinking? Are designers at adidas high on crack?

  • Leoj Tomocnila


  • LenHard Lilam

    South bitch Roses.. Lol

  • Avhel Catindig

    is this a joke?

  • Gilberto Ortiz

    Wow these are disgusting!

  • Kamil Onopa


  • Dominique J. Williams

    These shits are ugly. Keep his shoes one color way. They only look nice red and black

  • Shawn ThaGreat Cannon

    Coming soon to select MARSHALL’S and ROSS DRESS FOR LESS stores…

  • Arjay Usana


  • Jeven Villato


  • Luie Loco

    ugly as hell

  • Malcolm Crafton

    Latiera Streeter yes no?

  • Sebastian Roggel

    Van hacer mías !!

  • Amri Mkamila

    imetulia mbaya

  • Kevin Kallish

    No thanks

  • Michael Julom

    Adidas, go drunk, you’re home!

  • Amri Mkamila

    ya ukweli mbaya

  • Michael McDaniels

    South beach DRose kicks Ant McDaniels

  • Cameron Wootton

    Should of stayed unavailable lol

  • Robert Johnson

    Them shots look like yeezys

  • Ping Ronquillo

    Yes, it’s a south beach ripoff, but the colorblocking is actually great. Hypebeast kids who only know Jordans are, of course, quick to shoot stuff down from adidas.

  • Luis Martinez


  • Franchesca Rivera

    Don’t like it. They r slackin. Wuz up with that. Something better please

  • Demarcus Based Boy Smith

    To clean

  • Nick Collins


  • Jared Maisano

    If you buy these or even think that these are cool, your a dumbass… horrible shoe let alone the colorway.

  • B-Rye McAndrew

    D. Rose is the man, but he needs to get away from shitty Adidas and go with nike, they won’t let him wear gay ass shoes

  • B-Rye McAndrew

    Colors are sick, but shoe and the way the colors are laid out nope gay

  • Maciej Górecki

    So gay

  • Onaldyer Dela Cruz

    what the…. damn ugly!

  • Lanse Simmons

    I like the shoe, but the colors need to go

  • Myke Ndungu


  • Dieter Weber


  • Pierre Villarruel

    Ugly af

  • Ali Fahad

    Dope af

  • Meo Mup

    Do Huynh a oi de shuong qa :”) siu nu tinh lun!!

  • Do Luu Huynh

    seo chưa ngủ nữa huh >.

  • Tatiana Nicole


  • Mark White

    Wtf is this Marquis Martinez

  • Louie Gonzalez

    Rudi Gonzalez

  • Luhye Washington


  • Eliakim Paracuelles

    I would call this bubble gum

  • Shawn Williams

    Wow really

  • Bluezy Yak

    Super lame just like Rose!

  • Liquea Hill

    yes peoples

  • Chris Loogi Montanez

    D rose my favorite player ….. These are ugly