adidas Crazy 8 “All-Star” – First Look

adidas Crazy 8 “All-Star” – First Look


adidas Crazy 8 All-Star First Look

Having literally just shared your first look at the “All-Star” adidas Crazy 1, it looks like they will be joined by this pair of “All-Star” adidas Crazy 8. Sporting a vibrant orange base, these kicks also come equipped with a high energy blend of colors that is sure to catch the eye of sneakerheads everywhere once they drop next year. With this being the first look at what we can expect from the folks over at adidas for ASW, we can’t wait to see what else is to come in the next month. Check out some detailed angles below and be sure to drop us a line in the comments section below.

adidas Crazy 8 All-Star First Look

adidas Crazy 8 All-Star First Look

adidas Crazy 8 All-Star First Look

adidas Crazy 8 All-Star First Look

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  • Karl Angel Lorenzana

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  • Damon Horton

    Something I’d buy addias all day…. fr.

  • Ian Hugo

    If you thought my iridescent ones were good boys check these out, got kobe thinking glad he went Nike! James Norman David Bullock Gavin Dangerfield Matt Barnes

  • Eddie Redice


  • Jessica White


  • Terry Harrell


  • Jeremy Martinez

    They is fire Andy Carrion

  • Jeremy Martinez

    I’d get a pair Shi Swavy

  • Dwayne Andre Gates Jr.


  • Versace Ice

    Only Nike!

  • Versace Ice


  • Marie Colombino

    Jon Gomes la y’a du gros débordement!

  • Brian Senior

    Color clash aint cool

  • Rayvon Kenyon

    Lorenzo Raymundo

  • Chris Shearin

    Garbage. Swag fags wets dream..

  • Brad Powell


  • Hyun Min Kim


  • Jordan BoutThem Bandz

    ugly piece of shit.

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  • Scott Croyle

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  • Aaron Jay

    You couldnt pay me to wear this shit

  • Juan Hidalgo

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  • Jessie Rose Phelps

    Should a crazy eight at least have an 8 ball base it with black and white then go “Crazy” W Some neon colors or bkue green yellow.. what do u think y’all? Myron Phelps?

  • Myron Phelps

    These colors are ugly. The old color ways are still better

  • D.j. T Grind

    Tristan Alexander

  • JJ Nelson

    These are actually tough. I like em because they’re different. Nd most ppl saying they ugly because they wouldnt know how to wear em, just like they dont know how wear half these shoes that come out.

  • MikeBlackson