• http://Sneakerfiles.com J crack

    I’m coppin but not from kicksole

  • Deezy2021

    Pass… Rather get bred 4s

  • shhh

    not copping from kicksole either…sold me fake 11s…im a collector since the 90s era…..

  • shhh

    sorry forgot to say when they were sneakerape…when they sold me…now changed name???hmm

  • http://twitter.com Cartez

    im not copin these either i dont want no fake shoes

  • nholy

    i’ll be copping this pair of shoes in other online store….

  • bc

    what stores will have these?

  • Pissed

    I bought these thunder 4s kicksole. Fakes. I’ll never buy early again.

  • BERT

    Where can i buy these?

    • Bill

      I called Ubiq in Philly & they said release date was changed. I can’t find them anywhere.

  • Kyrin

    What’s the best website to order these from ?

  • angiehardy74

    This is my one. Lov