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SneakerHead Spotlight: BionicSoles1 (CDNY1975)

This week we feature BionicSoles1 apart of our SneakerHead Spotlight.

You may know BionicSoles1 as CDNY1975 which is his previous YouTube channel. He decided to switch accounts, but wants everyone to know you can still see his videos and commentary, just under a different name.

BionicSoles1 who resides in Brooklyn, New York features various videos from early releases, new pickups, comparison videos and tips like how to slow down the yellowing of icy soles.

We asked BionicSoles1 some random questions like what his 3 last pickups were. Enjoy the video, and make sure to subscribe to BionicSoles1 on YouTube.

SneakerHead Spotlight: BionicSoles1 (CDNY1975)

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