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adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low – 6 New Colorways


With the NBA season only 23 days away now, we can expect the newest basketball sneakers to be worn on the court including adidas' newest lightest basketball sneaker ever, the adidas adiZero Crazy Light Low. Weighing in at just 7.8 ounces, the adidas adiZero Crazy Light is 2 full ounces lighter than its older brother, the adidas adiZero Crazy Light. If wearing the adidas Crazy Light felt like a feather, the adidas adiZero Crazy Light might feel like nothing on your feet. Here are 6 colorways for the upcoming adidas adiZero Crazy Light, set to retail for $115.adidas-adizero-crazy-light-low-3adidas-adizero-crazy-light-low-1adidas-adizero-crazy-light-low-2adidas-adizero-crazy-light-low-5adidas-adizero-crazy-light-low-4


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