Flashback Friday: The Rookie

Flashback Friday: The Rookie


Nike Zoom Rookie LWP

Pearl Nike Zoom Rookie LWP Glow in the DarkBoth Nike and Penny have had an outstanding relationship ever since they teamed up. Creating some of the most memorable marketing campaigns along with one of the all around best signature lines to date, its no surprise the two still have projects coming with more on the way.

Not only is Penny still receiving the Retro treatment with his signature collection, the two iconic performance models worn in Penny’s younger years are the inspiration for his latest model; The Zoom Rookie LWP.

Nike Zoom Rookie LWP Black RedWith key design elements taken from each sneaker in addition to Penny’s favorite material, the Zoom Rookie LWP has been born and will release this November. Nike is simply a staple in the performance footwear industry and nothing can further solidify that sentiment than the combination of these two sneakers 17 years later. Everything put into the shoe still holds up to today’s standard in Basketball performance footwear which again, shows just how ahead of their time the Flight line had been.

With the Retro release of the Air GO LWP and the soon to be released Zoom Rookie LWP, what are your thoughts on Nike’s performance line now compared to the 90’s; do you think they can ever make another sneaker so ahead of its time that it’ll be more relevant 17+ years later into the future than it is today?

Nike Zoom Rookie LWP Binary Blue

Binary Blue Nike Zoom Rookie LWP

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