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Flashback Friday: Olympic 1992 Dream Team

Larry Bird: Converse Bird USA

Larry Bird was the Yin to Magic's Yang back in the 80's/ 90's. With the two battling it out with one another since College, it shows just how prevalent Converse was as a brand as they were able to sign both Bird and Magic as the dual faces of the brand. While we don’t often see Converse Retro models in original form, it would be a treat to see the Converse Bird & Magic USA's make another appearance in the near future.

Larry Bird Ewing in Training Room 1992 Olympic

Larry Bird with Ewing in the Training Room

Larry Bird 1992 Dream Team Opening Ceremony

Larry Bird and the rest of the Dream Team at Opening Ceremony

Larry Bird, Magic, Jordan, Malone + Ewing on the Court 1992

Larry Bird with Magic, Jordan, Malone and Ewing on the Court

Larry  Bird Converse Bird USA

Larry Bird Converse Bird USA


Bring em back!! I need a few pairs!!!