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Flashback Friday: Olympic 1992 Dream Team

Magic Johnson: Converse Magic USA

One of the greatest PG's of all time came back to play the game we all know and love. Voted by fan as a starter for the 1992-93 ASG, Magic also laced up his Converse Magic USA's while obliterating the competition with his size, style and grace during the USA Team chased Olympic Gold. While Converse may not have the star power it used to, they are still considered a classic brand amongst many who remember the humble beginnings of playing ball in a canvas high & low top known as the Chuck Taylor.

Magic Johnson Point Guard Converse 1992 Olympic

Magic Johnson taking the ball up-court in Converse Magic USA
Magic Johnson No Look Pass Converse 92 Olympic

Magic Johnson no look pass to Ewing with the Converse Magic USA
Magic Johnson with Drexler and Jordan taking a break 1992 Olympic

Magic with Drexler and Jordan on the side line
Magic Johnson Converse USA

Magic Johnson Converse Magic USA


Bring em back!! I need a few pairs!!!