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Flashback Friday: Olympic 1992 Dream Team

Charles Barkley: Nike Air Force 180

Barkely was a beast in his prime. While teaming up with some of the best player of all time, Sir Charles shined all on his own while sporting the Nike Air Force 180. Boasting the same Olympic styled theme, these are now considered classics amongst collectors, enthusiasts and casual sneaker wearers alike. They were so popular that Nike decided to revamp the sneaker with a vulcanized sole, otherwise known as the Nike Auto Force 180, to cater to the masses whom prefer to wear their kicks casually.

Charles Barkley Charging Loose Ball 1992 Dreamy Team

Charles Barkley charging the ball with the Air Force 180
Charles Barkley Malone Bus Ride 1992 Nike Air Force 180 Dream Team

Charles Barkley and Karl Malone on a bus ride showing off the Air Force 180 soles
Charles Barkley with Ewing + Jordan Side Line 1992 Dream Team

Barkley with Ewing and Jordan resting up with the Nike Air Force 180
Nike Air Force 180 Original Charles Barkley Dream Team 1992

1992 Original Nike Air Force 180 Olympic, worn by Charles Barkley


Bring em back!! I need a few pairs!!!