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Flashback Friday: Olympic 1992 Dream Team

Clyde Drexler: Avia

Clyde Drexler had just signed with brand Avia, previously he had been signed to Kangaroos (way before my time). Clyde was flying high bringing home the gold with his new teammates... two of which had crushed his dreams of taking home a ring that very same year. Clyde eventually completed his NBA quest in 1995 while a member of the Houston Rockets.

Clyde Drexler Taking Ball up Court 1992 Olympic

Clyde Drexler taking ball up court

Clyde Drexler on Defense with Stockton Robinson 1992 Olympic

Clyde Drexler on defense 1992 Olympic

Clyde Drexler on Defense 1992 Dream Team Olympic

Clyde Drexler guarding the rock

Clyde Drexler Avia USA

Not the shoe Clyde wore in the 1992 Olympic, but a pair of Avia he wore eventually


Bring em back!! I need a few pairs!!!