Flashback Friday: Olympic 1992 Dream Team

Flashback Friday: Olympic 1992 Dream Team


Clyde Drexler: Avia

Clyde Drexler had just signed with brand Avia, previously he had been signed to Kangaroos (way before my time). Clyde was flying high bringing home the gold with his new teammates… two of which had crushed his dreams of taking home a ring that very same year. Clyde eventually completed his NBA quest in 1995 while a member of the Houston Rockets.

Clyde Drexler Taking Ball up Court 1992 Olympic

Clyde Drexler taking ball up court

Clyde Drexler on Defense with Stockton Robinson 1992 Olympic

Clyde Drexler on defense 1992 Olympic

Clyde Drexler on Defense 1992 Dream Team Olympic

Clyde Drexler guarding the rock

Clyde Drexler Avia USA

Not the shoe Clyde wore in the 1992 Olympic, but a pair of Avia he wore eventually

  • Big Mase

    I was 14 years old watchin’ the Dream Team put in the most serious work on a basketball floor this planet has ever seen. I also had a pair of the shoes worn by one of the dream-teamers–the best pair. NO it was not the Jordan Olympic 7’s. It was the Barkley Olympic 180’s, a shoe this website doesn’t even recognize as being one of Barkley’s signature models…fools. Never mind that the second best nike commercial ever–the cartoon Barkley wearing the 180’s–seems to be on my side of the argument. Regardless, those shoes were so beautiful. They were on a white platform with mainly blue accents. They were tinged with red and had a red liner. And in just the right spots they used the most beautiful golden thread I haven’t seen them use before or since on any shoe besides the olympic Nikes of that year. The 180 on the velcro strap really set the shoe off. Man I loved those shoes; it was a sad day when they had to meet the trash can. Shoot, I remember even Clyde got himself an Olympic themed pair of Avita’s…..Magic’s pair was pretty weak sauce too….I think the only player that didn’t have a pair of sick shoes was Christean Lattner–I always hated that dude. Why did he have to make that lucky ass shot? Had he missed it just think of who they would of put on the Dream Team instead of him…..

    • jason

      wow, i admire your love for kicks, but honestly i think Jordan had the best shoes on the dream team, just my opinion.

    • K2

      I loved reading your comment – great post.

    • J Who

      i agree. the air force 180 is in my all-time favorite shoe. unfortunately i didn’t have it back then, when the original dream team was playing. i did though have the nike air ballistic high that david robinson rocked in those olympics, and it sir charles actually rocked them in the blk/wht colorway during the upcoming nba season.

      1 minor correction though, the “180” was stitched on the tongue while the strap had “force” stitched on it.

      back to the subject at hand, i had an opportunity to pick them up the air force 180 when they retro’d in 03 or so, in the og colorway. i still have them today, only worn a few times, but the last time i wore them the paint from the sole around the 180 air pocket began to crack and peel off and i could tell the sole was breaking down. that was a couple of years ago. saddens me greatly as this is the only pair of shoes i have had do this. i still have several retro jordan’s from this same time period that i have worn, and even played in HUNDREDS of more times, however they are still in great shape… guess i just got a bad pair….

      i wish nike would retro these once more along with another one of my all-time favorite shoes from that time period (1991 to be exact), a shoe that scottie pippen wore just before he got his own p.e. and a shoe that nike to my shock and dismay has never retro’d, the nike air dynamic flight (part of the hurrache line). the wht/blk/red colorway was soooo HOT!!! if they ever retro these, i am all over them!!!

      • J Who

        forgot to mention about that air ballistic force that robinson is wearing (and i had in the 7th grade), and some of you might remember, but barkley actually switched to this shoe at the beginning of the following season after the olympics. this was the shoe he did the nike godzilla campeign with if i recall correctly…


    man i love this. the dream team is in comparable to any other olympic team. i remember wheni was like 5 they had full merchandise wheaties puzzle boxes poster toys and all that. these days they wouldnt.

  • Big Mase


    compare these to the Jordans and you’ll see what I mean.

  • da sniper

    does anyone else think it is ironic that laettner wore a shoe that fab5 made famous?

  • RenoBrown

    I like the bottom picture on page 4. Mike wearing his 6’s unlaced.

  • StoneyJacson

    Why aren’t they selling these shoes for the dream team collection instead “uptempo” that scotty clearly didn’t wear.

  • champ78

    Bring em back!! I need a few pairs!!!