Air Jordan IV (4) Retro 2012 – Military + Oreo

Air Jordan IV (4) Retro 2012 – Military + Oreo


Air Jordan IV (4) Retro 2012 - Military + Oreo

We had already been informed that the White/Cement Air Jordan IV is set to return (finally) in Feb. 2012. There has also been word that the’ Military’ and ‘Oreo’ IV’s will be re-released next year as well.

So far it looks like next year will be a great one for fans of the AJIV!

  • since84'

    Never was really feeling either one of these retros, IMO they seemed sooo off (especially those 'OREO' IV's), but cant wait til FEB 2012. AND like they are doing this year with the III's, I hope they release the Black/Cement IV's in the same fashion (FALL 2012 or even sooner)!!!

    • Stacks

      The only retro is the oreo. Blues are og. I had em jr yr in 99 or 00'. Cuz I missed out on the black cements. Already go the blues from 06'. Might get em again or just wait for the black cements this time. Or both. Wanna put sum red laces in em. They'll go harder than the lasers.

      • PlatinumKicks

        You still got your Oreos?

    • Calvin

      OMFG yess if oreo 4s r gonna release this year. ive been wanting a pair except 1998s r cracked <333 got oreo 6s now i need them 4s

  • Westside

    Cookies & Cream, oh Lawd!

  • Jstrizzo

    awesome, hope the quality is better than the 06 retro.

  • solesampling

    i have sz10 ’99 oreos DS still, the leather back then along with the toe cap made it fit a bit snug. May pick up another pair, but for now lets go CEMENTS

  • da_man

    OMG!!!! About time they bring back the O R E O S !! Hopefully they will still have the quality of the old school shoes.

  • FscottJ54

    Oreos are hot BUT the military idk you can still find alot of the old ones for reasonable prices but who knows

  • Mike Ciccone

    never really liked any of the IV's aside from the Black Cements. White Cement's and Thunder/Lightning, they need to re-release the thunder/lightning pack!

  • Emmanuel T.

    i hope they dont put the net on the oreos. PLEASE leave them just the way they are!!!!

  • darrion

    Damn i have these already they neeeddaa release the columbiaa 4s!

  • darrion

    fire red 4s toooo!