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Converse EB2

After sneaker collaborations with and releases for artists such as Lupe Fiasco and AC/DC, Converse is ready to pay more attention to the hardwood. After last year's release of Elton Brand's signature sneaker- the EB1- Converse hopes Elton Brand will be seen a lot more often this year rocking the second installment of his shoe line- the EB2. This particular pair here comes in a predominantly white colorway with black and red accents, which goes perfectly with the Philadelphia 76ers' team colors. For NBA fans and sneakerheads alike, perhaps Brand can manage staying healthier this season than last. If that happens, we'll be able to see how good Philadelphia can be as well as how the EB2's measure up on the court. These sneakers can be purchased at as affordable a price as $65. So who's giving them a try?