Air Jordan V (5) Black/White-Red 60+

Air Jordan V (5) Black/White-Red 60+


Air Jordan 60+ Black / White - Red

We have seen a couple small previews of the Air Jordan 60+ upto now, and today we present you with a detailed look at the black/white-red pair. This Air Jordan 60+ features a black nubuck and leather upper with varsity red accents seen on the sole, heel, tongue, and lacelock, while white accents can be seen on the midsole and tongue. As most have already come to know, the Air Jordan 60+ fuses together the four sneakers that Michael Jordan wore when he scored sixty or more points in an NBA game. The Air Jordan 60+ Black/White-Red is set to be available for purchase in August for a retail price of $150.

Via 52xie.

Air Jordan 60+ Black / White - Red

Air Jordan 60+ Black / White - Red

Air Jordan 60+ Black / White - Red

Air Jordan 60+ Black / White - Red

Air Jordan 60+ Black / White - Red

  • russ


  • air jordan fan 4567

    u guys do see the raptors right behind them right and these are ugly and those raptors are coming in a pack $310 i wish i could buy them seperately

  • E-MAN

    wtf is this sh*t? and for $150, i dont f*Cking think so. whoever buys these should know they got raped.

  • lil jesus

    i need 2 see another color

  • noneoftheabove

    shut the h*ll up all yall hatin *sses know that when they come out ur gonna be all over em so stfu good lord u d*mn hypocrites…any way its not 5 sneakers that went into em its 4 cuz he scored 60+ twice in the ii's…its the i's ii's v's & vii's

  • Rick

    I was dogging on the 60+ but i guess there ok, Raptors are killing it

  • Enof WDC

    raptors dope i can buy the package seperately so you know im getting the raptors just for 150 cant wait till they drop..

  • Dx3

    look like knock offs

  • frosty_1

    i wanna actually ball in these.

  • jojo bean

    Look like fake fives

  • sopgent

    not too bad, nothing to go crazy over..

  • Mr Carter

    im coppin.. i like em..

  • tmonki94

    are these grown on anyone else? cuz im realy startn to feel dese

  • jdubb

    These are garbage JB is getting out of hand with this crap now. The 7's are straight, but these are just terrible…..

  • Emperor

    im getting tired of this hybrid releases…can we just stick to the retro jordans?

    oh yeah and they somewhat look like yeezys from behind.

  • reginald

    what r they doing to da jordans man just retro da shoes man them 7's hot

  • Supa

    These are terrible im sorry, the spikes and the dub zeros are koo but these are horrible but hey if yu like em sport em, but the guy who put these 2gether should be shot

  • NaTa5_23


  • keothakid!

    Who forgot to flush the toilet?

  • Kinloch57

    Boy stop