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Air Jordan V (5) – Possible June 2009 Release

Possible Picture of Vs that drop in June 09

I'm what many of you would call an "Air Jordan" head. My collection is comprised mostly of overpriced lifestyle J's from the last two years. (Gentry saved Jordan Brand with that Burgundy Air Jordan 5 (V) reissue, people!) I remember the time I spilled Tahitian Treat on my "DMP" Jordan 11 (XI) like most people remember the birth of their first child, and though I'm too young to recall MJ's exploits on the 'wood, I feel good being part of this whole sneaker culture thing and wearing kicks that everyone already has. When I'm not buying Jordans, I really enjoy speculating about which pair(s) are next to release. Earlier today on NikeTalk, rumors were running rampant about this pair of Jordan 5 (V) that are supposed to release this coming June. The shoe features a predominantly white patent upper, cocoa midsole, and flesh-colored tongue. In my world, this is a recipe for deliciousness, baby!

Air Jordan V (5) - Possible June 2009 Release

Air Jordan V (5) - Possible June 2009 Release