L.A Gear New Collection

L.A Gear New Collection


L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A Gear is relaunching their sneaker line using old styles with new looks. The men’s collection consists of Star Shooter High, KAJ, Star Player, Fire High and the Star Shooter Low. The aggressive styles of the L.A Gears are paired with bold color schemes and leather uppers. As for the women’s side, you can expect a combination of patent leather and bright colors used on the Flame High, Star Dust and Flame Low. Navigate through L.A Gear’s website for an extended look at each sneaker.

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

L.A. Gear New Collection

  • TWAN

    Ia fuck wit em jus cause way back when they was all I had…

  • Lil' O

    Why must everyone copy J's! I had an interest then I saw that the asking price was $125, aren't LA gears supposed to be a cheap alternatives to other brands?, major pass

  • 23

    those fake 4s suck.. these are like bad colorways on calssic old shoes.

  • SHiNE

    when making sneakers with a late 80s/early 90s style goes horribly wrong.

  • richterscale

    HAHAHAHAHA They probably light up like my old toddler bball shoes. straight garbage

  • Air 23 Air Jordans

    I'm glad to see L.A. Gear make a return, but these look like the Air Jordan IVs and Vs on crack. Are these original models, or completely new?

    Air 23 – News, release dates, info, tons of pics, and much more!!

  • Ya Boii


  • The REAL

    Ah man you musta been a baby when these came out Ya Boii.. but anyways this sneaker company is tryna come out real slick because they must've found out that JB is chillin out for 2 years lol.. Let the old sneaker company relaunching begin!

  • Cee_LoC


    wow this some shit right here…

    lets see how long it lasts

  • Jay in the Bay

    Haha just put lights on all of them and im COPPING FOR SURE!

  • odo

    these were trash back then, they trash now. i remember kids having those fake 4's. they even released a pair of fake grape 5's. couldn't afford nikes either back then, but i always just went with the chucks…

  • Tre~Lite

    Dey look lik air force 2s, jordan 4s

    fused wit pastrys..lolz

    shit..i bet ppl wud cop dem

    no matta how fugly dey are!!!!

    Live Clean Stay Phresh


  • Kinslowdian

    I remember the whole weaving laces things with these, kind of saw them as a cheap alternative to Reebok Pumps or Nike Air's :(

  • Daniel Gee

    More pictures at http://www.LaGearNews.com. There's a video there too. I love these shoes, the new ones of course…

  • Stunna

    Yeah I'm gonna get a pair of these and rock one of them fly ass Member's Only jackets…LOL!!!

  • kennedy

    these are wack as hell. I think you can cop LA Gear shoes at like walmart or somethin i dont know how they are trying to sell them for 100 or 120..

  • yall too funny

    wow i would cop but not 120 a laugh and worth 120

  • Eddie Bagz

    They are not bad looking shoes at all. The only problem that I have with these shoes is that they are priced over 100 dollars! LA Gear really messed up with the pricing on these shoes. If they were priced at 60 dollars, I would buy them.