Triumvir x Fly x Nike SB Dunk Mid Beijing

Triumvir x Fly x Nike SB Dunk Mid Beijing


Nike SB Dunk Mid Beijing

Brandon Cheng of Triumvir has presented their upcoming collaboration with Nike SB and flystreetwear. This story surfaced just a few days ago and now the concept of the Nike SB Dunk Mid Beijing is broken down. Several elements from Beijing go into to the design of this sneaker including dust, traffic, highways, noodles, and Tienanmen Square. The first picture after the jump is final draft approved by Nike SB, while the picture above was the shoe in its first stages. Check out Triumvir for a full break down of the collaboration.

  • DanyLuv

    I don't really like SB's but im gonna have to get these!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Desiree


  • mkat_tdc

    Will these be made?

    …hope so – the pics look pretty good – way better than the illustrations


    very impressive concept from start to finish, but Dunk Mids are no good. Dunk High or low, but not these ugly mids.

  • ralphyEFF

    must cop

  • ANG

    Must cop. Long live Triumvir.

  • Bobo

    I"m not feeling the skinnny laces but other than that these are hawt