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Best Halloween Shoes – Alife x Asics Green Monster (10th Best)

Alife Asics Green Monster Halloween Shoes

Our choice for the tenth best pair of Halloween shoes are the Alife x Asics "Green Monster" Gel-Lyte III. This style was released at Alife locations in New York, LA, and Vancouver. The pairs sold out instantly, but a size 10.5 is available at Shoe York.

With just ten days until Halloween, many of us are still searching for the perfect pair to wear next Friday. Tomorrow we will post our pick for the 9th best Halloween sneakers of all time.

Which are your favorite Halloween-themed shoes? Please let us know and click here to leave a comment!

Or, post pictures of your favorite Halloween shoes on our Facebook page by clicking here!

Alife Asics Green Monster Halloween Shoes
Alife Asics Green Monster Halloween Shoes



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